Distance Learning and Corporate Training

Courses available at CTA via Distance Education:


1.            Accounting and Bookkeeping

2.            Accounting – Business Literacy (ICB)

3.            Accounting – Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (ICB)

4.            Accounting – Payroll & Monthly SARS Returns (ICB)

5.            Accounting – Computerised Bookkeeping (ICB)

6.            Accounting – Financial Statements (ICB)

7.            Accounting – Cost & Management Accounting (ICB)

8.            Accounting – Income Tax Returns (ICB)

9.            Accounting – Business Law and Accounting Control (ICB)

10.          Accounting – Corporate Strategy (ICB)

11.          Accounting – Management Accounting Control Systems (ICB)

12.          Accounting – Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks

13.          Advertising and Marketing

14.          Business Administration and Secretarial Procedures

15.          Business and Performance Management

16.          Business Management - Business Management 1 (ICB) NEW

17.          Business Management - Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (ICB) NEW

18.          Business Management - Business Literacy (ICB) NEW

19.          Business Management - Office and Legal Practice (ICB) NEW

20.          Business Management - Business Management 2 (ICB) NEW

21.          Business Management - Marketing Management and Public Relations (ICB) NEW

22.          Business Management - Financial Statements (ICB) NEW

23.          Business Management - Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (ICB) NEW

24.          Business Management - Business Management 3 (ICB) NEW

25.          Business Management - Financial Management and Control (ICB) NEW

26.          Business Management - Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks (ICB) NEW

27.          Business Management - Research Theory and Practice (ICB) NEW

28.          Call Centre Management

29.          Computer Studies

30.          Computer Science / IT

31.          Conflict Management

32.          Early Childhood Development

33.          Entrepreneurship

34.          Event Management

35.          Facility and Operations Management

36.          Fault Finding and Supervisory Management

37.          Financial Management

38.          Health and Safety Management

39.          How to start your own Business

40.          Human Resource and Labour Relations Management

41.          Life Coaching

42.          Life Sciences NEW coming soon

43.          Medical Practice Management NEW coming soon

44.          Office Management – Office Communication (ICB)

45.          Office Management – Business & Office Admin. 1 (ICB)

46.          Office Management – Bookkeeping (ICB)

47.          Office Management – Marketing Management & Public Relations (ICB)

48.          Office Management – Business Law & Administrative Practice (ICB)

49.          Office Management – Cost & Management Accounting (ICB)

50.          Office Management – Business and Office Admin.2 (ICB)

51.          Office Management – Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (ICB)

52.          Office Management – Economics (ICB)

53.          Office Management – Business and Office Admin. 3 (ICB)

54.          Office Management – Financial Accounting (ICB)

55.          Office Management - Management (ICB)

56.          Pharmaceutical Science

57.          Project Management

58.          Public Relations Management

59.          Public Sector Accounting: Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (ICB)

60.          Public Sector Accounting: Public Accounting Administration (ICB)

61.          Public Sector Accounting: Computerized Bookkeeping (ICB)

62.          Public Sector Accounting: Business Literacy (ICB)

63.          Public Sector Accounting: Financial statements (ICB)

64.          Public Sector Accounting: Cost and Management Accounting (ICB)

65.          Public Sector Accounting: Technical Public Accounting (ICB)

66.          Public Sector Accounting: Business Law and Accounting Control (ICB)

67.          Purchasing Management

68.          Safety and Security Management

69.          Salon Management

70.          SBFM: Essential Business Finance (ICB)

71.          SBFM: Computerised Bookkeeping (ICB)

72.          SBFM: Business Literacy (ICB)

73.          Tourism Management    


74.          Agricultural Engineering

75.          Civil Engineering

76.          Chemical Engineering

77.          Electrical Engineering

78.          Electronics and Communication Engineering

79.          Engineering Sciences NEW coming soon

80.          Instrumentation Engineering

81.          Mechanical Engineering

82.          Metallurgical Engineering NEW coming soon

83.          Mining Engineering

84.          Production and Industrial Engineering NEW coming soon

85.          Physics NEW coming soon

86.          Textile Engineering & Fibre Science NEW  coming soon




87.          Facilitator NEW coming soon

88.          Moderator NEW coming soon

89.          Assessor NEW coming soon

Dinstance Learning

Tailored solutions for business needs - kindly contact us on info@ctasa.co.za with a letter of intent in order to start the process of determining training needs and structuring appropriate solutions.

Popular Main Fields Covered:


1.            Accounting and Bookkeeping

2.            Business Administration and Secretarial Procedures

3.            Business and Performance Management

4.            Call Centre Management

5.            Computer Studies

6.            Conflict Management

7.            Early Childhood Development

8.            Entrepreneurship

9.            Event Management

10.          Facility and Operations Management

11.          Financial Management

12.          Health and Safety Management

13.          How to start your own Business

14.          Human Resource and Labour Relations Management

15.          Life Coaching

16.          Medical Practice Management

17.          Office Management

18.          Project Management

19.          Purchasing Management

20.          Safety and Security Management

21.          Small Business Financial Management


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Dedication to lifelong learning and offering distance education to all.  Now offering training in the Moot area as well as Corporate Training.

Our focus and mission is to acquire courses for which there is a high demand in South Africa. We carefully look at current skills and educational gaps within the industry. Our courses are designed for the beginner up to advanced level. Course material is easy to follow, user friendly and based on International Standards. You will be able to enjoy professional service from our trained student advisors. We offer both credit-bearing courses with examination required and also non-credit bearing programmes for which no examination is required (assignment assessment or moderation based). You will enjoy proper feedback regarding registrations, reports and results. Our course fees are very competitive and offer very good value for your investment in your education. We also offer affordable payment structures for those who cannot afford to pay once-off course fees. CTA also offers both full and part bursaries based on special circumstances and financial need.


Advantages of distance education:

Distance learning has been recognized, world-wide, as the most efficient way of studying.

Benefits of studying through correspondence:

• No transportation expenses which inherently saves you time and money

• Study when and where it suits you with your own study schedule

• Gives you freedom to fit your studies around your personal life

• You study at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home

• Distance education makes financial sense – work or travel whilst studying


To ENROL is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose your Course and Course Level.
  2. Complete the Registration Document and Pay your Registration fee or one payment.
  3. Send (post / fax / email) Registration Document and Proof of Payment back to us.



CTA is proudly working in affiliation with SBMOTP Registration Number: 843256 (Open Training Platform) – members and moderators SACE qualified and registered.

ICB REF: 300922

Quality Assurance Provider: FASSET SETA

CTA is also active registered members with the following bodies.


NSBC: 080613553055132


How will I know that you received my registration documents?

If you email your documents to info@ctasa.co.za  we normally respond immediately after receiving your documents during business day. We do suggest that you add a delivery receipt to all mails in order for you to make sure that your email was delivered successfully from your provider. You may also confirm receipt by giving us a call on 012-751 7541. A CTA consultant will give you a call personally within a day in order to confirm details with you and explain general procedures for you.

When will I receive my material?

After we have confirmed your details with you and you have been successfully registered we will automatically order your books for you. We have various providers and our normal policy is that your books will be posted within 7-10 days. We will keep you updated regarding your material and also automatically notify you when your material has been posted providing you with the necessary tracking numbers.


Recommended study times are available on the Course List. You study on your own time and pace according to your own study time schedule. You are able to determine your own timeframe of completion and may range between 30 days up to 18 months.


Once you have successfully completed your course we will send you a CV format and guide. You may use the guide to make sure your Curriculum Vitae meets necessary standards. Once your CV is ready for submission along with all your qualifications you may send it to info@ctasa.o.za. We have a vast network of personnel agencies which enables us to distribute your CV to many recruiters.


See attached Course List for courses available. We have numerous business sciences ranging from Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Management and even Engineering Sciences. Make sure to read about the minimum requirements for each course especially where examination may be a requirement.


Many of our courses have been designed as skills programmes, which mean that examination is not a requirement. The only form of assessment will be assignment submissions. No stress in terms of examination, you only need to work on your assignments and submit them for assessment or moderation.


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Telephone support only available between 09:00 - 13:00 Mondays - Fridays

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