This is the FIRST module for the National Diploma, Financial Accounting, SAQA ID 20366 NQF L6. This accredited diploma  is essential to be a financial accountant, accounting officer or key  HR / labour relations /  store or customer services manager. You will learn about the requirements to be an effective business consultant and or even business advisor.


What you will be able to do:

·       Work with a management information system at a corporate level

·       Prepare a business for an internal / external audit

·       Apply principles of strategic intent  and strategic thinking in a global business environment

·       Apply managerial finance and control principles in a commercial environment

·       Draw up and interpret  financial statements and reports in accordance with IFRS


There are prior learning requirements for this course - Higher Certificate: Office Administration (Must include the Business Management 2 subject). There is an exam through ICB required for each subject.


Course available:

Agent Certificate                                   (Course Code: BMA009) - Business Management 3 (ICB)