In order for any company to sustain growth and appropriately plan for the future you will need to use financial management techniques. This course will help you understand management issues such as ratio analysis, current asset management, and the integration of working capital components.


Course content includes but is not limited to:

Describe financial management terminology, concepts and principles

  • Apply various financial planning techniques such as budgeting, cash-flow projections, cost benefit analysis, variance analysis and management
  • Analyse and interpret financial management statements and reports such as balance sheet, income and expenditure statement, budget, cash flow projection, variance analysis and assets register
  • Describe valuations and credit management principles and processes
  • Explain how financial decisions are arrived at
  • Give the basic principles of sound business investment decisions
  • Appreciate financial principles of accountability, cost effectiveness, cost efficiency and value for money
  • Apply ratio analysis of financial statements and appreciate advantages and limitations of ratio analysis
  • Describe financial management success and failure factors


There are no prior learning requirements for this course. There are also no exams, assignment based.


Courses available:

CTA Higher Certificate                                        (Course Code: FIN01H)

CTA Diploma                                                    (Course Code: FIN01D)