Imagine that you own a local grocery store where you deal with a number of customers every day. You have to manually track customer details and the purchases made during each day. In this scenario, these tasks take a lot of time. Computers help you to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently. Today, computers are used in every field. People use computers in schools, hospitals, libraries, and even in grocery stores. Computers allow you to record a lot of data, perform simple and complicated calculations, draw pictures, and even play music.


Course content includes but is not limited to:

  • Navigating Overview and introduction
  • Computer operating systems, terminology, performance and features
  • Career opportunities
  • About hardware, programs, data, networks and internet
  • Memory, performance, productivity programs, communication
  • File operations and management
  • World wide web


There are no prior learning requirements for this course. There are also no exams, assignment based.


Courses available:

CTA Higher Certificate                                       (Course Code: CLT01H)

CTA Advanced Higher Certificate                       (Course Code: CLT01A)