This is the FIRST module for the Further Education & Training Certificate, Bookkeeping, SAQA ID 58376. Learn the skills required for depreciable asset disposal, and year-end adjustments. You will also learn how to prepare and analyse financial statements for sole proprietorships, partnerships, close corporations and companies. Following this course you will also fully understand comprehensive cash flow statements. A student should have completed the Junior Bookkeeper programme first prior to enrolling for this programme. This programme will provide the skills required to be a Financial Accounting Clerk, Senior Bookkeeper or Financial Controller.


You will learn how to:

  • Finalise and interpret accounts
  • Draft Financial Statements
  • Maintain Financial records and prepare general ledgers
  • Compile Accounting Records
  • Interpret Financial Statements
  • Prepare Financial Statements, Reports and Returns


Student must have completed National Certificate, Bookkeeping, SAQA ID 58375 before starting this course. There is an exam through ICB required for this course.


Course available:

Agent Certificate                                   (Course Code: ICB005)