This is the FIRST module for the National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management SAQA ID 487368. Potential students should have completed Grade 11 (Std 9) or equivalent before enrolling for this programme. This programme will provide the skills required to manage the finances of a small or medium-sized business.


What you will learn:

  • Starting up a new business
  • Value Added Tax
  • Recording business financial transactions
  • Interpretation of financial Statements
  • Introduction to income tax
  • Calculating the tax payable by businesses
  • Employees’ tax and provisional tax
  • Costing and pricing
  • Managing working capital
  • Financial planning and control


Student should have completed Grade 11 or equivalent before starting this course. There is an exam through ICB required for this course.


Courses available:

Agent Certificate                                               (Course Code: FME001)