The changing nature of purchasing has induced much well-deserved research. The purchasing function is currently referred to as “procurement, sourcing, supply management, external resources and supply chain management”. The main reason for this shift in definition is due to the realization that in order to purchase effectively the organization must utilize the efforts of individuals across all functions. The aim is to reduce the cycle time, improve the quality and produce the product or service. The role of the purchasing manager is complex and you require a significant amount of knowledge and expertise. This course will help you learn about the basic purchasing functions, how to establish effective purchasing systems, spot the best suppliers, reduce unnecessary costs, work with a team and recognize impacts on your company’s profitability.


 Course content includes but is not limited to:


  • How to add value to the organization
  • Responsibilities, Corrective action
  • Costs involved in working with your suppliers
  • Policies – creation and actual practices
  • Purchasing process and common problems encountered
  • Interpret data and market surveys
  • Purchasing strategies and determining quantities
  • Solicitation and written proposals
  • Terms and conditions of the contract
  • Provide meaningful feedback on ongoing performance
  • International purchasing


There are no prior learning requirements for this course. There are also no exams, assignment based.


Courses available:

CTA Higher Certificate                                        (Course Code: PRC01H)

CTA Diploma                                                    (Course Code: PRC01D)