The development of PR practice has become surprisingly advanced in South Africa. The main focus of this course is to help in creating an enabling a professional environment for accurate perception, goodwill and understanding of necessary and effective performance of Public Relations practice in Africa. This course will be of value to students, researchers, lecturers, practitioners and organizations that are interested in learning about the public relations environment of African nations. You will get a good understanding of Public Relations and Communication Management practice in Africa by means of a variety of case studies.


Course content includes but is not limited to:


  • History of Public Relations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Partnerships for managing social issues in the extractive industries
  • Creating practical and sustainable measures
  • Investment economic development
  • Charity, PR and the Corporate bottom line


There are no prior learning requirements for this course. There are also no exams, assignment based.


Courses available:

CTA Higher Certificate                                       (Course Code:  PRM01H)

CTA Diploma                                                    (Course Code:  PRM01D)