CTA Course List 2016.pdf

CTA Course List - 2016

Descriptions of courses offered - outlines content and minimum requirements

Learner Details Form Correspondence Learners 2016.pdf

Learner Details Form - Correspondence Learners 2016

To be completed by all Correspondence Learners when registering as a member with the ICB - once off membership fee is required.

Bursary Application Form 2016.pdf

Bursary Application Form 2016

To be completed to apply for a Bursary or receive an official Quote for record purposes

Assessment Timetable ICB Correspondence Learners 2016.pdf

Assessment Timetable ICB - 2016

For Correspondence Learners to accompany the assessment entry form.

CTA Debit Order Instruction 2016.pdf

CTA Debit Order Instruction - 2016

Students who wish to apply for the TERMS option - needs to apply to pay via debit order instruction

* Please note that the necessary supporting documents need to accompany the Registration Form for application to pay in instalments:

1. Proof of Registration Fee payment

2. Copy of ID

3. 3 Months Bank Statements and latest payslip

Assessment Policy ICB Correspondence Learners.pdf

Assessment Policy ICB - Correspondence Learners

To be carefully read by all distance learning students in order to make sure procedures are followed correctly and students understand expectations.

Accredited Assessment Centers ICB 2016.pdf

Accredited Assessment Centers ICB - 2016

List of examination centers to choose from when booking your seat in order to write the required exam.

Assessment Entry Form ICB Correspondence Learners 2016.pdf

Assessment Entry Form - ICB Correspondence Learners 2016

Entry Form to be completed by Correspondence Learners applying for assessment (examination)

CTA Prospectus 2016.pdf

CTA Prospectus - 2016

Contains a short list of the courses offered by CTA and general information pertaining to accreditation and frequently asked questions

ICB Prospectus 2016.pdf

ICB Prospectus - 2016

Contains information about the programmes, levels and accreditation. 

CTA Registration Procedure 2016 checklist.pdf

CTA Registration Procedure - 2016 checklist

Checklist for prospective students to use in order to make sure all necessary documents have been submitted.

Contains important contact information as well as payment and banking details necessary when registering.

Dedication to lifelong learning and offering distance education to all.  

Our focus and mission is to acquire courses for which there is a high demand in South Africa. We carefully look at current skills and educational gaps within the industry. Our courses are designed for the beginner up to advanced level. Course material is easy to follow, user friendly and based on International Standards. You will be able to enjoy professional service from our trained student advisors. We offer both credit-bearing courses with examination required and also non-credit bearing programmes for which no examination is required (assignment assessment and moderation based). You will enjoy proper feedback regarding registrations, reports and results. Our course fees are very competitive and offer very good value for your investment in your education. We also offer affordable payment structures for those who cannot afford to pay once-off course fees. CTA also offers both full and part bursaries based on special circumstances and financial need.

Advantages of distance education:
Distance learning has been recognized, world-wide, as the most efficient way of studying.

Benefits of studying through correspondence:
• No transportation expenses which inherently saves you time and money
• Study when and where it suits you with your own study schedule

• Gives you freedom to fit your studies around your personal life
• You study at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home
• Distance education makes financial sense – work or travel whilst studying


  • Bursaries available!
  • Affordable Fees and terms!
  • Help with job seeking
  • CV and interview tips and support